Friday, April 11, 2014

#Egypt Propaganda! The Poor Are Asked to Build...The Rich Get Paid @Amal_Maher Tooba Fo2 Tooba

I love Amal Maher and I will always love Egypt....I have fallen in love with Egypt since July 3rd. But Amal Maher is trying now to bring back some of the love for her homeland. I think thought she is talking to her people, telling them do not mind being screwed by the guys on top and just love Egypt and build it!

I like that, but these things you do for your country, some asshole politician or greedy businessman will take credit for. I ask you this, do these politicians and businessmen do anything for free to help Egypt? Amal Maher can afford to sing for free, she gets to sing in big places and do private and public events. No question, she loved Egypt. But it's unfair to ask those on the bottom to make sacrifices, while the guys on top are running free.

I like Maher and as far for this song, Amal sounds very passionate and convincing hear, it's like she wants to roar about all that love she has within her. But as a topic, it feels tired....the elite of Egypt should find another jackass to ride on.

Amal Maher - Tooba Fo2 Tooba | امال ماهر - طوبة فوق طوبة


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