Monday, April 7, 2014

Was Nancy Ajram Is A Bitch With Anabella?

I realize this is old news by now, but it looks like the two are gonna have to work again on the next season of Arab Idol.

I am her biggest fan on this earth, or at least I was. Just look at all the past posts I have written about her. I like hr success and her style, she manged to do so much and make everyone happy without drama and gossips. She has success at home, at work and with her career. Her fans and music producers love working with her--she is a nice lady.

But I do not walk around calling women names, I am just upset with the Arab Idol thing that showed a different side for Nancy Ajram. The first was her on air fight with Anabella Hilal on air. Nancy was pissed at the model and presenter and told the other presenter to remind Anabella who seems to be sweet. Nancy wanted to give Anabella a lesson and said what she said on air. "Tell Anabella, not to cut me off, I am here to share my opinion and people care about that:. When Ragheb tried to save the drama, "she might not have heard you"...Nancy then said, "If that's true, she did not also see me?"

That was uncalled for and something could have been easily avoided, if they had talked off air. Needless to say, there was a meltdown behind the stage and business manger and Anabella's husband also got pissed off. That thing was over with and they buried the hatchets.

My second reason to call her so, she has always been partial to Ahmed Jamal (he is a brilliant entertainer), Nancy Ajram did not. It's clear she is biased to Ahmed Jamal and that's very fine really. She has a huge business in Egypt and a name she wants to keep the good will in Egypt.       


  1. It si not old news,the latest one is that Anabella Hilal leaving Arab Idol because of a "jealous" Nancy Ajram?