Monday, April 7, 2014

Listen: استمعوا لجديد الفنّان #محمد_عساف يا حلالي ويا مالي ولأول مره ""Ya Halali_Ya Mali" , #MohammedAssaf New Single

Here It Is

The cat is out of the bag and Assaf goes back to square one, manly songs that feel retro. This song will land well in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and anywhere that likes to party to a loud beat. It's a folksy song from a young singer who has a solid voice, a global name recognition, and the love of the fans. It's a very clear choice for Assaf whose name was made in Palestine and beyond singing this style....he can do romance, but he does not seem to want to do it just yet.

Raise is once again, it's money in the bank really. Summer is drawing close, and with that comes the music festivals, concerts, and parties.

So far, the song can be enjoyed in full at this link on Anghami

محمد عساف يا حلالي ويا مالي صوت بجودة عالية


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