Friday, April 18, 2014

New Epic Love Music Video By Charming Joseph Attieh 'Welak" @AttiehJoseph

An app-maker in Lebanon is stepping up their game in the Middle East, and they are answering the call from a rival who has signed up stars from MBC by signing cool talents like Joseph Attieh. The cool stud from Star Academy few years back,  the artist who already has two albums to his name, and a huge fellowship around the Arab World among the young and blessed.

Joseph Attieh challenges himself with a new style and a new look for a well-budgeted music video. He also films in great location sets, and looks the finest he has looked in a long time. While the song feel Lebanese, the dialect travels beyond that lovely country. The crossover is mesmerizing, I like the white dialect, the touring around the city in ripped jeans is in style. It's a guy has a crush on a girl and keeps running into her here and there--I love that this is not stalking. I love the Johnny Rocket part of the clip.

Joseph has always been a favorite of mine, he is young but he knows the music industry well, he makes clever choices and goes away for a little bit, and makes a splash when he returns. Dubai was a nice choice, I had no idea this was filmed in Dubai--a city that saw my birth.

Now I like how the music video ends, but not how the story ends with that predictable hug. You do not just go for a hug if you just met your crush. But Joseph saves it when he stands with back to the wall and singing. Bassam Al Turk did a fine job here by not overdoing anything--just organic scenes. I love how the lyric writer Emile Fahd and composer Wassim Boustany are not A listers yet, but their work is worthy of such a list.  

Joseph Attieh - Welak (Official clip) / جوزيف عطيه - ويلك


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