Monday, April 7, 2014

Kuwiti Shams Egytian Army Propoganda "Din Abokom Esmo Eh" Ft Mohamed El Mahdy

Kuwait is no democracy, so it's surprises no one that they would cheer when they see a democracy in Egypt takes a setback. the army murdered people and then turned around and accused the victims of essentially murdering themselves. Now the army is hiring non-Egyptians to help sell the dream and lies they have invented.

So Shams an artist from Kuwait is releasing a new song pimping the Egyptian army and showing them protecting the civilians and making all things great. The police also is heroes..... and us civilians are assholes! We are assholes for living as salves. It's if the army owns the country and they make us live in as guests. Sometimes it's not a foreign notion that such forces would manufacture crisis to justify their existence and all the power hey have.

Such artists are in deep shit because, they equate having a different opinion with terrorism! This is sadly, the Arab media line for generations. but the good news, there are way too many outlets--they cannot censor. Now, Shams' performance is pretty riveting--this is the finest vocal performance she has ever given--too bad it's a shout against democracy and fairness.  This is an anti-brotherhood song, they call them names in this song--but keep in mind, the brotherhood did not come out of space, 52 percent of your people voted for them--if you trash them--with them goes the rest of your nation. Now, many have found this song insulting to Egypt and its people.

Another fun fact, the song promises to give security and safety to Jews! While this is great, have they secured their own people first to go promising things they cannot deliver. The song is about curbing extremism--great....but please does that include people who criticize the army and it's puppet government?  

.. Din Abokom Esmo Eh- Shams Ft Mohamed El Mahdy دين ابوكم اسمه ايه - شمس و محمد المهدى.


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