Sunday, April 6, 2014

Check out Arabic Songs Translated Channel On YouTube

Here's to this is a cool channel on YouTube that provided Arabic songs with English subtitle. This is a novel idea for these who do not speak Arabic, but still want to enjoy Arabic hits, the guys and gals get them translated. Right now, I see songs for Kadem, Saber, Nancy, Majida, Fairuz, and few others. Obviously more songs will be coming to this channel.

Check out Arabic Songs Translated, the guy behind it is Amer Alahmar. I like to translate myself, but I cannot speak for the quality of the translation over there, it just just a cool attempt that will help many Arabic music fans and heritage Arabic speaker. The guy behind this channel is a Syrian man living in Saudi Arabia.

Feel free to make requests on their twitter feed

كاظم الساهر - قولي أحبك | Kadim Al Sahir - Qouli ouhiboka (Say I love you) [English Subtitles] Arabic Songs Translated


  1. Hi. I reviewed the channel, and i don't understand...there are 2 channel as consequence of Youtube persecution by copyrights? How can I contact you, because I'm interested because I add on my Youtube channel translations on Spanish and I want the permission to use one english translation in particular. Thank You and greetings from Mexico