Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Listen: اغنية محمد كيلاني - اضمن منين / When Artists You Love Do Sones That Stinks Kelany - Adman Mnen

Here's a song that lacks anything interesting, no flavor, no cool music, nothing new about the music production, and most of all the lyrics are a big meh. For a favorite singer of mine Kelany just made one big sin. Releasing a song that no one needed, giving us a song that sounds boring, won't help carry him this summer season.

I might be too critical, but I think this is a guy who has a lovable voice, and a relatable style, and charming personality, this song kills all that. He is still young, but certainly will recover from it, singles can be thrown away once the artist make a new song that brings what we like about him back. I think of this song Adman Mnen is that it's like a crappy present that was not even placed in a nice wrapping.

اغنية محمد كيلاني - اضمن منين / Kelany - Adman Mnen


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