Thursday, April 10, 2014

WATCH: #محمد عساف - يا حلالي يا مالي | Mohammed Assaf - Ya Halali Ya Mali

He could have filmed this music video anywhere in the world, but Mohammed Assaf opted to film it inside one of the refugee camps inside Lebanon where thousands of Palestinians call it home. It was a clever move for the young artist to lay roots inside the camps as he lives spends a great deal of time in Lebanon for work.

See the flag fly high and Assaf do his Debka on stage and have a block party inside the camp with hundreds of the local residents. This is really cool, he brought out the joy in the local community, sang for them, kissed babies and took so many pictures.....He is looking good and well-dressed for the occasion.

Aside from that, he brought out his shouting voice--something popular in Lebanon. So he is a pan Arab star who is going great things for his people and for himself. The Kuffyah is a nice addition, and Assaf seems to be blazing his way into new markets. I love the roof top shoots. He does not forget to thank people and fans, they really love him and it shows. This is a master move, a song that will make him hot again--almost a year from his first appearance on Arab Idol. Now he is going local to remain global.
#محمد عساف - يا حلالي يا مالي | Mohammed Assaf - Ya Halali Ya Mali


  1. My most favourite Arabic singer Assaf.I can't watch his performance in Arab Idol but when I saw him in news paper I'm felt very proud and starting search him on Google. Then I was saw his performance on YouTube. And now I'm downloaded lots of songs of Assaf.I Love GAZA.I Love PALESTINE. Stay Blessed Always.-Rehana Kamaal from India(Kolkata)...