Monday, April 21, 2014

Why The Big Deal Over Syrian Singer Hussein Al Deek?

I give him that he sings lyrics close to the heart and the common man about life and love. Hussien Al Deek, the son of a popular Syrian folksy singer who had his fifteen minutes of fame about ten years ago. As millions of Syrian abandoned their home in search for a better life, more Syrian artists are getting on the road and holding regular concerts in Lebanon and Jordan.

Hussien is a charismatic, life-loving artist who is young and well-dressed, he has a party voice, the kind that blazes a party in instants with his energetic Syrian Sha'abi style. I just do not think there's so much to his voice. I do not feel it strong enough, or special enough. Like it does not stick out from the thousands of other wannabe artists singing this genre. Sure, his name is important, but soon enough he has to do something unique. I did notice plenty of billboards for one of his concerts posted alongside the Lebanese highways. There are other people who enjoy this music, Iraqis find it refreshing and so many in Palestine do as well.
Hussein Al Deek - Chefto Sedfe (Audio) / حسين الديك - شفتو صدفة


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