Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wadih Mrad, the Syrian Armenian Hit-Maker And Cult Icon

He is an underrated Syrian-Armenian gem, he has been so for more than 15 years. The thing about Wadih Mrad is interesting, his fans will always be his--they love his voice and his style. The secret he is a little drama guy, a mystery of sort. We hardly know anything about him. He is about music and just that. He is not about personification of his craft. Quietly he makes his music. He does not do big events, and releases his music in low-key....

then they pick up and they start making their way around the globe. Then all of sudden Wadie is in concert in Brazil or Australia. Here's his most recent release....it's about how much he misses his lucky lady. Smooth and well executed....but still nothing beats the Wadih Mrad classics.

Wadie took Arabia by storm about 18 years ago, and he is still the beloved figure he was....very few singers can brag about such adoration.

Wadih Mrad Ktir Chta2tellak وديع مراد كتير اشتقتلك


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