Tuesday, April 15, 2014

See How Aziz ElShafhi Just Reinvented Arabic Romantic Songs @azizelshaf3

It feels to my ears as of Egyptian composer cum singer Aziz Elshafie just reinvented the Arabic romantic song. How so, he got you to break a tear, without sounding sad or pathetic himself. Aziz managed to follow a different formula....act surprised by the betrayal and the quick rebound his ex just had served him. Often times, singers want you to feel bad for them....Aziz does it differently, he puts himself in your place--the onlooker and he talks about what he sees when the relation goes south. The song is great because it builds an experience from this song, not just cool music and sensible lyrics, but an emotional connection that goes both ways.

Even his music video is unlike anything else, he tells a story without telling it himself--when he sings he is in black and white....then he walks around picking up the pieces and parting away with his fondest memories by letting go. So Aziz he is both the star of the clip and the commentator done in such a classy way--red roses and a fancy red Mercedes. I love his performances, it's both refreshing and exhilarating. Taking a trip down memory lane is all too common in such songs, but the music video does it in an different way that never loses focus of the original song. For me, what did it is harmony in how everything fits so well to advance the song and the emotional bleeding.

Aziz comes across as an innocent man, the guy who never saw the end coming, she took him by surprise and rendered him speechless. He is not angry not even jaded, just taken aback by the cruelty. The way the song is made allows you to see the man, and the voice not necessary connect them to acting which tends to lower the standard. Aziz got the right song, composed it and then filmed a music video where his voice would make you cry out of sympathy of rage over the human race or at least love. Some credit goes to singer/actor Hossam L Hossainy as he is credited for creative direction.

He is lovable, vulnerable tender soul that is about to survive his heart being crushed by the person he loved the most. She was his first and his very last at least that's how they promised one another. I like how the song feels like an indie love western from the Irish creations. The box one uses to collect after being fired from a job resembles the box Aziz carries...except he found himself departing away not from a job but from a love tale.

 عزيز الشافعي فيديو كليب "لحقتي" 2014 - Aziz Elshafhi "le7a2te" Video clip


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