Monday, April 7, 2014

You Brought The End of Me! Sings Carlos of #Lebanon

Salim Assaf wrote a good song and he handed it to Carlos to make a name for himself in Lebanon. Salim does romantic sogs, and those lyrics and music are all his. Carlos is a new young vocalist in Lebanon who is carving his own path.

Now, Carlos has been endowed with a very manly voice, that reminds me of the likes of George El Rasi and few others. This is good quality voice that makes you want to listen, it's a guy who is not spilling his heart out, but thinking out loud. It's the blues for the cool dude....Carlos is balding and that does not bother him. So, you know he has to have something other than the handsome look--he still good looking but the macho type.

Carlos : Jebti Akherti / كارلوس : جبتي آخرتي


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