Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Listen: Joe Ashkar - Jannou b7alaki 2014 / جنّوا بحلاكي - جو أشقر#Wedding

Your good looks made them go are so beautiful you make them lose their minds...this is the new song from Lebanese entertainer and party guy Joe Askhar, it sounds like a wedding song! It's a wedding song that sounds like these Mexican songs.

Joe released the song and urged his peers to make more music, and the production companies to green light more songs because of the critical moment...too much pain Joe sees and he thinks art helps remedy it.

This is a happy song about a guy who is happy to get married to a pretty lady, and Joe a handsome man himself knows the importance of good looks. The music is by Joe Askhar from an old song that he took and expanded for a nee upbeat track.

Joe Ashkar - Jannou b7alaki 2014 / جنّوا بحلاكي - جو أشقر


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