Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Ugliest Egyptain Actor Rapes @HaifaWehbe In Movie “Halawet Rouh”

Haifa Wehbe starred in a million dollar movie, it's a big box draw as everyone wants a peak....she is back with a red hair doing press and going to primers.....the stars and producers lined up all behind her--not one good looking person among them.

It's an adult movie really, but all the money does not make a class act-Egyptian producers did what they do--paid a Lebanese to show them some skin. This Lebanese entertainer did what she always does, get paid for everything.

they talked about the ten hour rape scene--guys were laughing about the rape comment. Thanks Haifa Wehbe, you are helping them women. Her fellow actor said he was crying out of joy about the rape scene with Haifa!  This was filmed in Lebanon as the movie is already making money before this publicity.

I don't begrudge Haifa, she created a market where people bash her during the day and fall in love with her at night. The movie is breaking records, and the promo clip where she dances, had already been seen in 24 hours by a million plus viewers. Hakeem got to dance with her and talk about how sexy she is.

هيفاء وهبي لـ"إيلاف" : أشعر أنّي في حلم !


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