Monday, April 14, 2014

WATCH: Melissa - Jounieh Concert مليسا في حفل جونيه

She is a pop star and that means she has more than a voice. She is an image, dance moves, and showmanship. Her name is Melissa and Lebanon. She is no A lister, but her fans know she does different entertainment. Jounieh is this nice upscale superb where many families chose to live close to Beirut, but property value is still relatively affordable. So, this is a large community living in the mountains overlooking the captivating coast. Just do not get stuck in traffic in the wrong time.   

She has the looks, the fashion, and the outfits. Watch the screaming fans in Lebanon greet her as she does her act. This must have been some big party, and there are droves of concert goers who want something that feels local, but rivals those global. Then she gets to speak about her hit song where she performed in English.

She talks about her upcoming projects, and she may have a duet in store, and the good news, there is a new album of twelve music.

Melissa - Jounieh Concert مليسا في حفل جونيه


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