Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BREAKING! Tamer Hosny Divorces His Beloved Wife Bassma Boussil

Egyptian bad boy and singer Tamer Hosny is reported to have divorced his Moroccan wife songstress Bassma Boussil. There are a number of sources that confirm the news, but there are also at least one source that denies that report.

Let's begin

A new reports here states that this surprising news came as a shock to many--just like the marriage hit so many hard. According to the report, the couple are in agreement and they remains friendly and this was a mutual decision that they have both reached. The celebrity couple have a baby girl last year which they named Talia.

This was so sudden that members of their own families had no idea and even their closest friends were left in the dark.

The couple wed in a small ceremony in Cairo hotel that was attended by very few people--we have not really seen pictures. None of their respective friends form the industry were present. Tamer has refuted any rumors that there is trouble in paradise, and he has even threated to sue a newspaper that talked about the relationship.

Bassma Boussil has never spoke to the press since she became Mrs. Tamer Hosny. It's like he put her under a gag order. We already know that he got his friends to stop production in her debut album.

Now, there is at least one site Filffan who tired to reach Tamer Hosny to comment on the news, they were unable to reach him. However, they have spoke to some relatives who denied the news of the separation. There also news about tamer Hosny buying a huge home recently for his family--smoothing that was a major news story in Egypt leading Tamer Hosny to defend such humongous house. Another report on the same site denies the rumors. Bassma's mom denies this rumors. According to her own account, the mom has spoken to Tamer and he denies the rumors to her.

Marriage Tamer Hosny & Bassma Boussil / 2012 عرس تامر حسني و بسمة بوسيل



  1. I don't want to mean, nor do I wish anything bad on anyone, but, they are really not a suitable match. I don't know if the rumors of his divorce are true or not, but, if they are not true now, then they will happen eventually.
    Even though he may not be the most honest celebrity in the middle east, he is hard working and talented. He deserves a better wife. There is just something about Bassma that I do not like at all. I think she is a gold digger, lazy, and not very intelligent, educated. She is also extremely insecure about herself. It shows by the many surgeries she has already done at her age. Plus, there relationship seems awkward to me. From the beginning, I felt that there is something fishy about them.

  2. why do other family members have to denie the rumors. If the rumors are not true, then why does Tamer not update his official facebook site, saying the truth behind this gossip. It does not make sense that he denies it to her mother, but, not to the public, who, are the ones who are spreading the rumors to begin with. That right there is a warning sign that something is false.

  3. hahaha badboy you are living in your own world Tamer hosny is famous in the worse music industry in the world the Arab one and this is the story so people know she got pregnant so they got married for their reputation and now its ok to leave her, typical arab man