Saturday, April 5, 2014

Listen: اغنية جنات - استحملني / Jannat - Estahmelny Hawssa Aghany @Jannat_Official

Jannat is hardly the first strangeness to leaves her home in Morocco to pursue a music career elsewhere. There dozens of Moroccan artists who live in places like France, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE and such. Jannat calls Egypt her home--even when she speaks she tries her best to speak Egyptian.

For an artist as young as she is. her has a diverse music profile, has already released four albums and has become a household name. Here's her latest singles, after releasing an assorted pop album last year to a mixed review.

Does Jannat ever do a Moroccan song? Don't recall hearing one? Does she sing to Egypt every five minutes she does. Does she do concerts in malls around Egypt, you bet.

Hear this cheese voice message left to Jannat by the guy who loves her....this is about past love comes back to almost ruin ongoing love. This is a song for those who like to apologize as they fall in love. Jannat sounds very refined here, and shows some vocal muscles.
اغنية جنات - استحملنى l النسخة الاصليه

اغنية جنات - استحملني / Jannat - Estahmelny Hawssa Aghany


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