Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Algerian Vocalist Fulla Introduces The World To Her Plastic Surgeon!

She has a great voice, a true blend of styles and a crossover appeal. The Algerian songstress who shot to fame in 2001 is back under the spotlight talking about her latest and her new album. She has a talent scouting show for kids--she will be Mamma Fulla on an Algerian French network.

She even got to say "I love children", she did another cool thing. she told the press about her upcoming and even introduced her plastic surgeon--she is the first perhaps. This is a Lebanese surgeon who loves himself and looks like a guy you would run into at some party while he blows his hookah.

I think she is neat to do this, instead of hiding, I like her approach. We are under constant camera close-up and I want to be the best. I think the plastic surgeon will benefit from the press and the raving endorsement.

فلّة الجزائريّة لإيلاف: أتحضّر لأكون "ماما فلّة" قريباً!


  1. Would you happen to know the full name of the surgeon? Cannot for the life of me find his details online. Thanks

  2. She says his name during the interview...minute it starts at minute 1:02