Friday, April 18, 2014

Listen: Angham New Single By Actress Samah Anwar 2013 أنغام - حبيت و أتغير حالي - حصرياً

The real talent behind this song is actress Samah Anwar who turns out to have a knack of composing  songs. Saham Anwar is one of those intellect entertainers, she is a friend of Egyptian romance and pop diva Angham. So they collaborated on an interesting sounding game that feels like a throwback to the Arabic music form the late seventies.

I like this song very music, it's so mellow so relaxed and this is something the Middle East could benefit from right now. It sounds like a song a bird would sing as he breaks free or looks over what he has seen reflecting about it. I hope to see and hear more of Samah Anwar-we do not have as many female musicians as we do males. Thus this song is a 100 percent the creation of Egyptian women. It's a song meant for dreams, sound like rosy song that manged to keep the tradition of Angham alive.

أنغام - حبيت و أتغير حالي - حصرياً


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