Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Palestinian Reconciliation Might Not Be Real But This Song Is!


Palestinians were all smiles this morning as the good news that they have longed for seems to be happening. A national reconciliation government might be born in few weeks. I am happy as well, this is a timely move to make things better for Palestine. I know if things go well my family in Gaza would do better and the people will not have to suffer unnecessarily. Palestinians are one people we should have one flag and one government.

A young vocalist Mais Shalash released a song about this very subject five years ago, an inclusive song. the young and popular vocalist whose best songs tend to have an Islamic and no music vibe has a good voice. She started as a little girl and now she has outgrown her childhood fame.

She still sings and makes life better for many, but she seems to be on a limited engagement. I have to wait to see if this this unity government will be born and if it does will it last? I hope they hold an election, it's about time. Neither Fateh nor Hamas is strong enough and neither of them have legitimacy. 

جديد ميس شلش وحده وطنيه


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