Sunday, April 6, 2014

This is Good! Min Ghyr Mogamla - Mohamed Diaa Ft Hadir من غير مجاملة - محمد ضياء وهدير

Mohamed Diaa is a cool Egyptian composer who has a soft spot in his heart for the ladies--he maried few of them and they tended to be songstresses. And when he happens to sing, he duets with a young female artist singing along his side. Last time he did it he was with Wa'ad Al bihiry, the Syrian vocalist. It was a beautiful romantic collaboration.

This time Mohamed Diaa is going for the cool and hip side, he picked another young vocalist Hadir Mahran. It's the battle of sexes, your love makes me so crazy, and you are so perfect! If I do not love you, I will die slowly. He is the big shot artist and she is the fan who loves her artist and let the games begin. Dia seems to like to lend his support to young talents--perhaps they happen to be good looking females perhaps.

The clip was shot in  Egypt October 6 city, and the beat is Turkish, some Turkish musicians were involved. Plus the song's mastering was done in between Egypt and Turkey. Dia's hair looks strange, it might not be real. I like his voice and style, but the clip leaves things to be desired--he seems to be board in some parts. A song about a pretty stalker still has place in Arabic music.    

 Min Ghyr Mogamla - Mohamed Diaa Ft Hadir من غير مجاملة - محمد ضياء وهدير


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