Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Somya Darwish Releases The Sassiest Egyptian Album

Despite the lack of production support, stable country, and despite all odds Somaya Darwish has released a pop album that delivers sass from the album cover to the last second in the 9th track....you are in for a treat from this chick of pop.

I first liked Somaya two years ago when I first heard her single "Itmaskin". So please understand my happiness over this new album from Somaya "Gededa" I like the quality voice here, it's like the ealier work of Sherine, same shade of brown and high level of cheeky fun.

Somaya releases her mixed taped and mixes funk with the blues, it's a great album given that the artist had to do it mostly alone without that big budget. Marketing was not even something to talk about...there is none. I felt that three of these songs spoke to me, but this is my taste, you may like more. I like the I am girl and proud track

Listen to this album here
01.M Elakher
04.Mashoftsh Keda
05.Kont Ayesh
06.Men Maslhty
07.Ayza A3esh
08.Ehlwt Elayam
09.Ekhtrt Tezeny

برومو البوم "جديدة" سمية درويش | Promo Album "Gdeda" Somaya Darwesh

سميه درويش | كليب انت حياتي - Somaya Darwish | Clip Enta Hayati


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