Thursday, April 24, 2014

WATCH: Melissa - Wala youm ( Official music video )

Melissa is drop dead gorgeous former bikini model who has been singing for the past ten years. She has her fans, but she likes to dance and wear futuristic outfits that are too tight. But this time, the song is actually worth it. I like her voice her, and her style here.

It's a new image for her, but it looks like she pulled a better voice out this time. And She is gearing up for this summer season where she mostly performs in Lebanon festivals. Perhaps she has other venues outside, but do not read much about them. Also, I do not recall ever seeing hr in an interview, or doing some public image thing. Could it be that she is a private person?

Fadi Haddad directed her and he essentially did what he always does, give the stars what they want on a budget. He does the easy thing and sometimes it works. This time the song keeps up with the many frames you can spot.

Melissa - Wala youm ( Official music video )


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