Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Reporter Unzips Myriam Faris's Dress, Arabia Wants A Peak!

Myriam Faris aside from singing, she stared in a musical, now she is staring in a new project. But with that press release did not make the news, but the dress and her zipper made the news. It's a Ramadan timed show, a role that she loves.

It will be a stiff competition for the season, and at least half a dozen Lebanese singers turned actresses will star in TV dramas. Watch her talk for few minutes and make little sense...what did she say? Then they asked her about salary....she would not talk. She will appear next to Hassan Raddad, the latest Egyptian playboy.

Her shoes and bag were covered, and the reporter unzipped her dress to see the brand. Where are you  headed to? First Haifa Wehbe flips someone on live television, points to her butt and asks people to lick it, now a male reporter unzips a female during an interview.

لماذا فتحت ميريام فارس سحاب فستانها لكاميرا إيلاف؟


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