Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Naji Osta - Ossit Watan 2014 /ناجي اسطا - قصة وطن @OstaNaji #Lebanon #Patriotism

In general, why do sissies like to wear army uniforms and sing for them? Maybe they are trying to overcompensate for something. Maji Osta who is a really cool dude, put on the Lebanese army uniform and released a song about the motherland. The music is well put together, and feels fresh. The song is about God, love, and the galaxy. Lebanon is gorgeous--I agree.

Civilians also love Lebanon, and one does not have to put on a uniform to declare his /her love for the motherland. I love Naji in the mawal, he shows a tarab style giving himself some serious credit. In my mind the real does song does not start until--the song feels like it will pickup--but it does not. It's a song made in the 70s fashion. The title of the song has the word story in it, and that's what you get. A ballad about el Balad.

Naji has picked a winner and he really showed some serious chops here....unlike his  "hey girl" songs
 He even says Allah Akbar  in the song!

Naji Osta - Ossit Watan 2014 /ناجي اسطا - قصة وطن


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