Saturday, April 5, 2014

Listen: اغنية امال ماهر - طوبة فوق طوبة | Amal Maher - Toba Fo2 Toba #إنتخبوا_العرص

Amal Maher still has faith in Egypt. I did not like how she was one of the voices to pile on the Morsi regime before July 3rd. So in that sense she was one of these voices that invited the army to outset a democratically elected president--the first in that nation's history. The new track is about building Egypt one brick at a time, but the nation is loaded with bricks! They appeal to the little guy to get a job, but they do not build an economy that serves everyone.   

The song is about pride in Egypt and its men the boys but not the girls. This is a silly song from one classy song...politics aside does this side help advance her career? No, does this country invite people to come back together, no! Does this song bring back the countless victims by the army and the police? No.

Egypt is written for my son--this is what her pal Mubrak said when he wanted his son Jamal to take over that country! Amal, I love your voice, but stay out of me if you were helping, I would be the first to cheer you! The song says, our men eat their enemies for lunch! Too bad their enemies are Egyptians, and every other Arab.

 اغنية امال ماهر - طوبة فوق طوبة | Amal Maher - Toba Fo2 Toba

اغنية امال ماهر طوبة فوق طوبة جديد 2014 YouTube


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