Friday, February 18, 2011

Richii Brings A Fresh Approach to Arabic Music

He came back to Lebanon to become a star. He left Australia for Lebanon, to sing Arabic as if he was sining in English. So his songs won't sound like your average Arabic songs, instead they will sound Western. He sounds like an honest person when he talks about his return home as Richie thinks he found a need for his style allowing him to crossover and open a new market.

He is lyricists, a composer and dancer, but might not be the perfect interviewer. He is the House Techno Rap guy, every five words, he drops an English words but that's because English is his mother tongue. He is a character guy, who follows in the steps of Western pop stars who transform into different characters as the song requires.

Listen to his voice, he really sings Arabic as if it was English and I like that. At least he sounds good and his pronunciation is fine in both languages is fine. I think Richie has a lot of promise and at last we will have an Arab performer who sounds as good in English as they do in Arabic.


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