Monday, February 28, 2011

Egyptain Club Ahly Hears It From the Fans

You know we wrote about the absence of soccer players from the Egyptian protests, they all went away and hid, and those who came out came out in favor of Mubarak and tried to tell the protesters to go home. The actress were present, the soccer players would not defy their pro Mubarak coach of the Egypt national Team Hassan Shahatah.

So when Al Ahly had a game yesterday, the fans where there and let their voice be heard, check out this picture, We followed you wherever you went, and you weren't there for us during the revolution. Yes, Al Ahly earned it and so did Al Zamalk that was a lot more pro Mubarak than any other club.

The other banner reads, "You ask for millions and do not feel the hunger of the Egyptians" this is very true, they make as far as the players are concerned things are pretty good.

Those players might make nice with the people if they managed to defeat South Africa in their upcoming game sometimes in March. If the team loses this game, then all bets are off and people will lost their jobs. Hassan Shahatta will be the first to go and the older players will have to walk away too.


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