Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Duraid Lahham Hosts Qaddafi @ His Home

Duraid Lahham is one of a kind star, he is a fixture of serious Arabic comedy for those with a brain. The star who made his career mocking Arab leaders and and their brutal tactics is in hot water now as Mouammar Al Qaddafi made a visit to this star's home about three years ago, and we have a video of this night of music and brown nosing Syrian style.

unstoppable TV star Salma Al Masri, Wafeeq Habeeb (on the Daf?), Ali Al Deek, the king of Syrian folksy music. This visit took place on March 31, 2008. This is not a good time for this Doreed, you are one of those Arab stars that believe in something once called the Arab nation. You once made fun of dictators like the lunatic Libyan dictator. While you do not make movies or star in TV dramas, you once meant something.

Not sure what the circumstances of this bizarre visit and the very random selection of stars present with the Qaddafi's visit. Maybe he was made to accept this visit, but is this is true this is a greater insult toe Duraid who is a legend for many of us.

Lahham you were once UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to the Middle East and North Africa region in 1999.You were fired becasue you made comments likening the Israeli occupation to Hitler. You said the right thing, maybe used the wrong terms, but now this is a lot worse, what side are you on?

Lahham counterattacked his critics and shamed them for not mentioning this till now, he said he was asked to host Qaddafi who wanted to visit him at home. Duraid maintains that he has never sucked up to any Arab leader his entire life. We agree with this claim, we know Duraid is a good man, but it's sure bizarre to see this party at his home for the tyrant of Tripoli.

القذافي في منزل دريد لحام Qaddafi @ Dorid Laham Home in Syria

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  1. "... (not Ali Al Deek as we thought earlier),..."
    Ali eldeek is the one singing!