Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 1st Movie to Cash In the Egyptian Revolution

They always made movies about corruption in Egypt, just about all their movies bring up the subject to a certain degree. But then there was the first movie to have been produced and shot all before the revolution that brings all those touchy subjects that lead to the Revolution in Egypt.

This movie is Sarkhit Namala, the shout of an Ant--the little affect, big things done by little people have. The movie marketers are savvy, they incorporated pictures of the revolution and the Tahrir Square protest into the movie to help market it. Having not known about this movie form before, I would have think it was inspired by the recent events in Egypt.

Protests, unemployment, the cheap gas to Israel, rigged election, violence, intimidation, the constitution, the high rollers, the tugs and the abuse of power, you name it this movie has it. I think the preview look good, I only hope the movie is at least half as good becasue I do happen to like the lead actor and I think he is one of the best actors in today's Egyptians cinema.

This one movie packed with funny real life on lines that are sure to make you laugh. The star of the film is well known for this style of comedic performance. My favorite line from the trailer, "you mean to tell me that we the people are lightening up Egypt, while our gas is lightening up Israel?"

فيلم صرخة نملة عمرو الجليل Sarkhit Namalah Trailer


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