Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tamer Ashour Talks to the Dead

Tamer Ashour, the charismatic musician turned singer had a problem, his album was about to be released when the Jany 25th happened, and his music label released the album anyway in few markets, the Gulf mainly. We love the album and think it's timely as it tends to be on the drak side (To read our review of his album click here) The singer condemned the move and distant himself from it. And he promised a worthy song for the Tahrir protesters and the rest of the demonstrators in his country.

Tamer Ashour sends a message of respect to all parts of Egypt, upper and lower Egypt. The cities and towns, Sinai and Suez, Muslims and Christians are also greeted by the martyrs. The fallen asks his fellow country men to preserve Egypt and not forget why he and she has sacrificed. It's a message of change bringing the right of the millions who have been humiliated by the few who sleep on silk.

No other singer can hold a note as long as Tamer Ashour can, it seems that he delivered this song without having to breath. See for yourself how the singer's voice keeps going. Simply no one has done this before. There is highly charged emotions, there is sorrow. This is the first song about the revolution that I can truly say it has touched me.

Tamer Ashour - s2lo el shaheed \ تامر عاشور - سألوا الشهيد


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