Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Egypt Song is Beats Yours

For all it's worth it, I am glad Mubarak stepped down, how else will we get all those fine Egypt love songs? Had he won and stayed in power, we would not have had this much upheaval in Egyptian patriotic songs that makes you fall in love again with Egypt, the country of 80 million kindred spirits.

Not many can tell you who Mahmoud Ebdah and Samar are, but form the sound of it, they just made a really good song about Egypt. The song is made great, of course by the footage and pictures that will live forever in the memory of people around the world. Thanks for the technology of phones with cameras, flip cameras, and the gift of You Tube. If it's not on the internet it did not happen.

This is what pride looks like, this is how optimism sounds like enjoy this song and remember the fallen who did not have to die if it was not for the stubborn regime figures who gave the green light for killing their own citizens so that they can save their own jobs. Guess what? They lost on both counts and the people came on top. Egypt won and we won by having to lived to see that day.

Mahmoud Ebadah & Samar - Yehmilha Weladha / محمود عبادة - يحميلها ولادها


  1. i like the tune, beat and the meaning of this song..its catchy and easy to sing with