Friday, February 18, 2011

Assi Hillani, The Day He Was the Golden Boy

The dude used to have a mustache, and he used to focus on his music, not his horses and politics (maybe mid life crisis). In the mid 90s came this hit and it was big and I mean BIG. In one day no one knew who the heck is Assi Hillani, the next day, he was the man. Everyone memorized this song and it was the first song that people satirized its lyrics.

I think that was the first hit that was made popular by the newly launched Arab satellite networks of the likes of ART. It first played on radios and the boys loved it, the ladies cried and we all thought it's the greats song ever. Many have fond memories to this song of their first love. But this is about breaking up, which is cool because Arabs worry about the breakup even before they find someone to really love.

This is really dramatic song about feeling abandoned and you have nothing. It's all gone, your passed love has moved one and their old house where your memories took shape is now empty. No doubt, the music vide might look corny now, the wardrobe can be laughable, but back then it was the "it" song. It talked about being absent and missing those you were away from, and then coming back empty handed and no sight of the first love--the one you can never seem to shake off.

While his career is still going strong, competition is tough, too many singers and too little interest. Throughout his career he had tens of hits that lasted him for ome time. His follow up to his debut song was worthy and thus the legend of Assi was born and he is about to release his new duet with Wadie Al Safie.

واني مارق مريت - عاصي الحلاني Assi Hillani Wa Ana Mariq Mareet


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