Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kadim Al Sahir Transcends In Qatar

When you are the biggest name in original Arabic music and when you have just released a golden album with dozens of gems, what do you do? You take the show on the road and tour your concert. This time The Iraqi composer/ singer made a stop to Qatar, this gas rich Arab country and party it up.

It's the classy guy to a classy audience, he is a true diplomat that always know what to say. Watch this reportage from Elaph. Kadem gave a song to the people of Qatar to celebrate their country with them. Kadem performed some of his most favorite songs that span on 30 years of creativity and fresh music. My first favorite song of his was Salamy and he delivered it at the Qatar concert like he did for the first time 15 years ago. 5 thousands people were in attendance.

The impressive thing about Kadem is that there is no world class venue that this energizer bunny of a composer has not performed in. He performed in Paris, London, scores of European cities, in many American cities, virtually all Arab capitals. His work has been nominated for an Oscar. And he has appeared on just about every magazine, newspaper, and TV program. His music videos has millions of views. Hundreds of Facebook groups are dedicated to his tasteful songs.


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