Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Egypt Song By the Eighties Guys

No question about it Hamid AlShari is a man of every time, but the Libyan musician and his Egyptian buddy singer Ala Abel Khaliq are a blast from the past, all the way back to the 80s when Arabic pop was just taken off and trying to establish itself as the next big thing.

Hamid and Ala were the hot duo collaborating on a number of songs and late albums that defined Arabic pop reunited again just like the rest of Egypt reunited in the wake of the Mubarak departure. This time to were brought together in a song for Egypt and how they stood up in the Tahrir Square and protested with the protesters. It's a nice timely song from those two musicians who have a generational appeal.

It's nice to see that even stars who are in their late 40s not just the Facebook 20 something stars are now pitching in and savoring this moment. This is a moment of joy that all Arabs shared with Egypt. I specially like the part where they talk about the surprise that no one saw coming. Two thumps up for saying that the generation knows no fear.

يامصر وقفنا في ميدانك - حميد الشاعري Hamid ElShari Egypt 2011


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