Monday, February 21, 2011

Mohammad Moghraby, History Is the Witness

This is a song that wants to praise the Tahrir protesters who defied the regime and held their ground against the Mubarak regime. It's a rock song by all measures, I love the music here it actually inspires people, it's not just same old tired pop demo. The singer has came to the spotlight when he took part of the Star Academy 2010 season 7, he left early, but his voice is still working for him

This is the example of a young voice that virtually has little history and here he comes with a song from the heart about the Egyptian revolution. He is singing for change ans calling on the history to record this moment, the one brought to the world by the youth from the Tahrir Square. There have been a price, the hundreds of men and women that have been killed by the regime's old guards.

The other thing I liked is this, the artist wrote the lyrics himself, he did not go to some fancy lyricist, he just wrote the words, and let them follow as he felt them, that's perhaps the reason I feel the artists' energy.

محمد مغربي سجل يا تاريخ Mohammad Moghraby Sagil Ya Tareekh


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