Monday, February 28, 2011

Did Actor Samer Al Masry Torture His Maid?

Popular Syrian actor is in hot water. Samer Al Masry, the Syrian actor known for epic roles as Al 3akeeb Abu Shihab from the all time popular TV drama Bab Al Hara is amidst news that his poor Indonesian maid has seen hell at his home. The video is graphic and might shock you that an actor who is so popular can be this cruel.

Reports that the wife of this charismatic actor has been abusing and mistreating their house maid, see the video of the brutal abuse and you cannot help by feel sorry for the young woman. I hope someone puts Samer and his wife in jail if they have been found guilty. Let's not kid out selves, who else would benefit from torturing this young woman?

Samer is circulating that this is a conspiracy against his fame by those who are jealous of his success. I do not really buy that Samer, I think you and your wife have issues. Why would you do this to another human being. The maid said that she has not been paid in more than three years. The actor is claiming that this maid actually worked for them and they have treated her like on their family. He also claims that the actress have run away from their home. He is also accusing her of stealing stuff from his home. This is so bullshit, this is Syria no one steals anything. What is she going to do with the stolen stuff? It's not like she can hide away or even sell it.

The youth on Facebook circulated this video from a local hospital in Syria for the maid who has an assortment of cuts, bruises and you name it. Look even here in the States celebrities have issues, but unlike Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, in this case we have a real victim.

Syrian Actor Tortures Maid خادمة سامر المصري


  1. I would break Samer Al Masry's face