Saturday, January 18, 2014

Here's The Best 10 Lebanese Songs 2013 أفضل أغاني لبنانية

Lebanon makes hundreds of new songs each year, and they release dozens of music video. Lebanese pop differs from Egyptian pop, it has difference energy and often time, has better production value. They tend to like the piano more and tend to have better lyrics. For the ladies, they top their male peers in Lebanon that's for sure, by volume they release more tracks. I am certain there are dozens of great songs. 2013 was not a great year for music giving the circumstances in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, but we did see a dozen solid albums get released.

  1. Nancy leads the list with her single sweet--It sounds like the mature Nancy Ajram 
  2. Elissa comes in second with her romantic song 
  3. Najwa Karam had a single this year and it's all about energy and love for her man
  4. Nawal Al Zogoby owned 2013 with that single and that gorgeous music video she shot.
  5. Haifa will not go away
  6. Carol Samahe had a full album which was near perfect
  7. Najy Osta, the first dude on the list, he broke many hearts and brought in the tears
  8. Wael Jassar did not have a great year, but this single was sweet
  9. Maya Diab brought it all out for 2013 with a futuristic music video
  10. The musician Melhem Barakat released a sober song with Tarab all over it.

Top 10 Lebanese Songs 2013 أفضل أغاني لبنانية


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