Monday, January 6, 2014

More Hot New Year Concerts In Lebanon Despite Bombs

Another solid new year party in downtown Beirut that went on despite all the bad news from Syria, and Lebanon. Rouida Attieh and Domnique is Syrian and the other is Lebanese. They were also joined by Egypt's top dancer Dina.

Egypt is in the toilet, and so is both of Lebanon and Syria. Business is dead right now all around. Politics is sickening and sad. Domnique Horani has the fashion she she works so hard to to put. She had two concerts in the same night. Artists play the shuffle on this night and sing in more than one location. Both Rouida and Dominque are big on dance music and loud and upbeat tracks.

إيلاف في كواليس حفل رويدا عطيّة ودينا ودومينيك حوراني في رأس السنة


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