Saturday, January 25, 2014

WATCH: #Alternative فيروز كراوية- راس شبّاكى Fayrouz Karawya- Ras Shebaky Fayrouz

She is a leading female voice in alternative music in her country Egypt. She is a physician by training, but she also has theater experience. Her voice was first discovered by a nun who decided to add Fayrouz Karawya to the school's choir. She also put together a movie about six girls living away form home. In 2006 she launched hr music career.

Fayrouz Karawya was herself a middle path, not the commercial songs and not the classical and sophisticated path, but she was the third thing. Her style is something that did not exist in the past--certainly there are others with this formula, but Fayrouz Karawya manged to make a name for herself in short years.

Her first album came in 2012 and it was a best-seller. Alternative Rock, Funk, Oriental Fusions, World Music is what she sounds like. I hated her when she got into politics and released an anti-Muslim song that was loaded with generalization like your beard is so fake style. I did not appreciate that call, but I admire the artist nevertheless.

Fayrouz Karawya kicks off 2014 with a new single, the average girl standing by the window looking out for love. I love the music and the style, it feels international, the lyrics are very alternative. This city of Port Said native shows a sense of humor toward the end of the music video.  

فيروز كراوية- راس شبّاكى Fayrouz Karawya- Ras Shebaky Fayrouz


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