Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#Egypt Is A Country Of Dicks--Says This Song

I know the songs says, this is a country of men, and this is to them a great thing. for me this is the problem. First, one of the guys who released this song Mohamed Nour had released a song in January 28th that celebrates Mubarak. Now you know what type of guy he is, the type who likes to suck up to anything or anyone that has power.  The second guy on this song is a nobody.

Egypt is a great country, too bad it's being ran by a bunch of dicks. The song is meant to be a compliment to that land, but by ignoring the female population which is  at least 50 percent, you say they do not matter. Just the dudes who kill one another count. Good luck with these type of douche bags, Egypt will be in good hands. No amount of nationalism can cure all the ills that Egypt is going through.

"Patriotism is the last refuge for scoundrels" said one gifted Samuel Johnson in April 7, 1775 to point out the false patriotism of some. I wish Egypt best of luck....and wish its people all the best as what comes may be darker than what they have already lived through.

Balad El Regala - Mohamed Nour & Younis بلد الرجاله - محمد نور و يونس


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