Monday, January 20, 2014

Khaled Selim, When Bodybuilders Sing Like Sopranos

He should be called the falsetto. That means he has the tenor is the vocal range of a man who can sing higher than the average man. A male soprano is a man who can sing very high notes which usually only a woman is capable of (a female who sings high notes is called a soprano), for example, opera singing. An incredibly high man's voice is soprano , but a generally high man's voice is alto.

This is how I think of Egyptian singer Khaled Selim. Aside from that the actor with a well built body like a bodybuilder is a class act. Each time he takes on the stage you do not know if the fun guy will come out or the guy whose voice meant for the classics will shine. The general rule, if he is sporting a suit, we are in for a night to remember. If he goes casual, you are in for a party.

Not only does Khaled spend a great deal in the gym, he also goes to great length to breath a new life in the songs he chooses to perform. This is why he has performed in the Egyptian House of opera on more than one occasion.

Khaled Selim Arabesk / خالد سليم ارابيسك


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