Monday, January 6, 2014

WATCH: Farah Chamma - The Nationality | #Palestine #Arabs #Poetry فرح شما - الجنسية

A young and beloved indie poet, Farah Chamma has a new poem out, and frankly this is one of the few occasions you see good art--not just hip make it and go viral. Poetry is about messaging and challenging emotions in such creative ways that make you reflect.

The song is about the nationality Arab vs. non-Arab. It's a sad reality about permanent residency, health insurance. It starts about becoming a Brazilian citizen. She is a woman and Palestinian who was treated right on a foreign land. They were too kind to here, but has no way of going back to Palestine. Now, she can speak Portuguese living in exile yet they are kind to hear. She really sticks it to many of the Arab nations! She even zings the Palestinian Authority with its sham passports that seem to be a tool make life more difficult for many Palestinians.

Non- Arab welcome here, Arabs treat her like shit--preach on! I once was denied entry to Egypt on my way to go see my family in Gaza, the Egyptian deported me to America--my proud country now! I am still Arab, a bitter one because I know things must change. The poem would land in your heart and most Arabs and Palestinians living abroad will relate and celebrate this bold poem.

Please find the translated poem by Fawwaz Abu-Ghazaleh, and the Video/Audio: Yazen

Farah Chamma - The Nationality | فرح شما - الجنسية


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