Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You Need To Go To #Dubai Shopping Festival 2014

If you like overpriced items and luxurious and insane goods, then you need to get yourself to Dubai Shopping Festival. This is a huge event, even for a place as well-known for its extravaganza as Dubai. As I kid I recall going with my parents to these events, I was impressed by how big and tall everything seemed.

Plenty of offers, good deals and promotional material to collect--free samples too. But they will also have plenty of entertainment. Western entertainers as well as Arab one brings out the Saudis and Saudi money as well as one of their own music legends. Mohammad Abdo will sing, Rotana will have few of their stars performing too. Among the rotana lineup Rabeh Saqer and Lebanese Diana Haddad

Make you sure you have some money for this occasion, but if you also live in the city of Dubai expect tourists from all over the world to flood your town with their fat wallets....where they would take over the city's hotels and resorts.

Companies pay top dollars to exhibit and take part of this truly global event. There are plenty of serious customers with plenty of serious cash.

.. Promo Rabeh & Diana DSF 16 Jan Dubai / رابح صقر وديانا حداد مهرجان دبي للتسوق.

 .. Promo Mohammad Abdo DSF Event 9 Jan Dubai /محمد عبده في مهرجان دبي للتسوق.


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