Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Boldest (And Sexiest) Clothes Worn By Female Entertainers This Year

Ladies Gracing The List

You Got A Problem? Haifa Brings Back Sexy

There's She Is The Notorious Haifa Sheer

Elissa Looking Comfy In New Dark Shorts

Newly Divorced Sherine Finds Her Sexy

Stylish, and perfect color coordination Myriam Faris

Married Maya Diab In a Daring and a Skimpy Outfit

Maya Diab And Her Rack In Sheer

Ghada Abdel Razik and Her Bosom 

Nawal And Her Sexy Legs

Nancy Ajram, he Hottest Mommy, there's

You would almost expect to see half a dozen Lebanese entertainers on the most revealing clothes worn by Arab celebrities, but this year, non-Lebanese have occupied two spots. You do not have a sexy and fashion forward list outwith pop diva and global icon Haifa Wehbe.

The sad thing, these revealing dresses are mostly designed by males, and it's a male who notice and writes about these things. Nancy for example wore the design of Elie Saab. Haifa wore from some Italian designer with the name Antonio Vaccarello and from Lebanese celebrity designer Zuhair Mrad. Nicolas Jebran gave both Maya Diab and Sherine outfits that made it on the list. Myraim Faris wore from up and coming Rami Kadi,

2013 is the year of the upper thighs it seems. Maya Diab takes the number one spot with the revealing black dress designed by Nicolas Jebran.


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