Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Rock Song Has A Message For #Egypt Déjà vu

the most famous and biggest rock band in Egypt is also the best rock music Egyptian money can by is still with the Cairokee group. They have a song that was used in an indie movie, the song is called "last winter" about the time the January 25th revolution took place.

the song is about the abuses of the security forces in Egypt and how they mistreat activists and frankly anyone. They are rude, ruthless and violent. Now, Cairokee has not delivered any song since the army took over the land--they did sort of zing president Morsi but when it came to the army they said nothing. They probably do not want to die.

they have a song that feels like a garage song, filmed in an abandoned building, creative it's, but the song is pretty rocking from the first moment. It's an angry song which translates well with the music. There are a number of scenes from the film. The sad thing, it was the activists who brought an end to the Mubarak regime, and then it was a smaller group of them who brought down democracy and cloned the Mubarak regime.

Mat El-kalam