Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tamer Made Another Hit Song 2014 Single! تامر حسني الموضوع فيك

Tamer Hosny and I have a relationship of love/hate. Love most of his songs, and hate most of what he does. He is a bright star who works hard and recentness when it comes to being the best. He tests everything and knows how to make a hit even better. I love how all by himself he can turn out a good record. Tamer Hosny of today is a guy who works at being better than himself yesterday. He seems never happy with things, as he often finds a way to make them better, and make a bigger name for himself.

When you work this hard, and when you are this good, Tamer Hosny has to love Tamer Hosny. His latest track is about life, do not settle down, keep pushing the envelop. It's sort of his story that he has been narrating.

تامر حسني الموضوع فيك 2014

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