Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sabine And Fairuz Mother Song Oummi Ya Malaki

Sabine, the cute Lebanese pop star just sang a classic song by Fayrouz. Her song is for mothers out there...my mom, my angel is the title. The original song is about longing for one's mother--mother's day is March 21! So Sabine paid tribute to Fayrouz with her cover. She performed it on TV and seems to mean the words.

Sabine usually done happy, light pop songs, for her to do a cover by one of the most quoted Lebanese artist  means she wants a serious phase. She will now be known as the amazing and beautiful songstress from Lebanon. The song is about how little credit moms ask for, but how much they do for us--and how little we realize.

Enjoy the interpretative dance Sabine provides. This is a tour of force from a young artist who appreciates good music.

Sabine Performing "Oummi Ya Malaki" سابين تغني أمي يا ملاكي

السيدة فيرو - امي يا ملاكي Fairuz - Oummi Ya Malaki


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