Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rouwaida Attieh Sings #Syria And Amazes

If voice muscles go to the gym, then Syrian nova Rouwaida Attieh owns her own gym. I have high regards for this extremely talented songstress. How can such talent be packed in one young soul is incredible. As much talented she is, she is lagging behind in marketing and commercial fortune. Far less talented singers have gone farther than this lady who actually can sing and please your ears.  

It's the curse of young Syrian singers, they all run into this problem, they do not come from a land that's keen on music production or marketing for that matter. still Rouwaida is back with a mini song for Syria--my country is not small. A timely song for Syria, the land whose people have done wonders at home and around the world. The song has no music, just the music her own voice musters.

بيقولو صغير بلدي


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