Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Song Will Break Your Heart! Saad Ramadan Ehsasak Sanam #AwesomeSongs @Saad_Ramadan

He is the most dashing young pop star--he is Mr. magic man, the guy who makes women's hearts melt by just looking at him. Now, let him open his mouth to sing and then, anyone standing in competition with him will evaporate, guys love his lyrics and ladies love to offer him support form the one bad apple that broke his heart.

No mater what, Saad Ramadan has mostly done sad songs, the ones like you are writing with blood as ink. He has fell for an emotionless one this time. His voice must have something from the skies, because God knows how convincing he sounds. He is man who is living pain, and has loved her so much, but he got hurt. You cannot help but sympathize with him and even pray for him to find his path or find the one girl to allow him to recover.

The music does not stand chance with how overpowering his voice is, but he sings with heart, and it looks like whatever he does before entering the studio to record his songs is working just fine. Another single as we march toward a new year, Saad Ramadan has me as a lifetime member in his fans club.

اغنية سعد رمضان - احساسك صنم | النسخة الاصلية | جديد 2014


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